The Meek formed in 2006 and comprised songwriter James Marshall and guitarist Martin Hill. The pair rehearsed and arranged Marshall’s material and soon took up other instruments to augment their acoustic based demos, including mandolin, ukulele and harmonica. Experimenting with recording equipment and using experience from his studies at Ravensbourne College, Marshall began to get a feel of producing tracks while both he and Hill developed multi-instrumental abilities. Although Hill would later leave The Meek, his departure would inspire “The Angry Facebook Song”, the direct, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and pop-punk style of which made it one of The Meek’s most popular songs and a fan favourite. The Meek was completed by drummer Rob Morgan, who shared Marshall’s passion for experimental rock bands Radiohead and Pink Floyd, and jazz pianist Lewis Bacon, whose knowledge of complex time-signatures and irregular chords brought a new delicacy and intimacy to The Meek’s sentimental vintage pop.

Marshall, Morgan and Bacon perform with The Suspicious Prawns

In 2007, The Meek made their first studio recording and produced a clutch of original tracks. One of which, “Second’s Best Theme” was written to order and used in a TV show pilot, while another, “I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine”, would later become the A-side of The Meek’s first, independent commercial release in winter 2009.

Marshall and Hill in Studio B, Ravensbourne College

Based on the recordings and the material they had, The Meek initiated work on their debut LP, “Inheritance Tax”, with Marshall continuing to write and produce; recording Morgan and Bacon’s improvised parts, capturing a spontaneous piece within a few takes and ready for layers of vocals, guitar and other instruments to be layered upon to create baroque pop records. With the album close to completion, The Meek released their second single, “Sterling Sky”, in summer 2010 to positive reception, with the title track soon becoming their best selling song on iTunes.

The Meek in 2010

At the very end of 2010, The Meek recorded and released a free EP titled A Christmas Gift from The Meek. The 5 track EP featured new song "Christmastime (At Last)" accompanied with instrumental covers of classic Christmas tracks.

The Meek in winter 2010

2011 saw The Meek record 3 new tracks for Inheritance Tax, No Words, Number 49 and I'm In Love With My Bed, the latter becoming the Meek's third single release. With all proceeds from the month of November going to the Poppy Appeal and Movember charities, I'm In Love With My Bed was released as a single track on BandCamp, prior being made available on commercial platforms.