Introducing The Band

The Meek are:

Lewis Bacon, who works in agricultural administration and plays piano and keyboards. He is a fond fan of jazz and has a keen enthusiasm for staring into the middle distance like a man bereft of the will to live when he hasn't anything to say at the pub. At the time of writing, he was unavailable to comment on the miner's strike.

James Marshall, who works in online administration and sings and plays guitars and other instruments. He is a fan of The Beatles and has a keen enthusiasm for reading the depressingly pathetic signs outside churches, written to persuade people that God is still very much a part of modern life. He wasn't in the board meeting which led to the cancellation of Arrested Development, largely because he's not a member of any board.

Robert Morgan, who works(?) and studies history and also plays drums and percussion. He is a fond fan of experimental music and has a keen enthusiasm for making his own tracks cut up from other peoples with brilliant, thought-provoking results. He was not present for the SAS storming of the Iran Embassy, but assures us "that's pretty much what [he] would have done anyway."

All of the above can be heard performing on the singles I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine and Sterling Sky and are looking forward to using the proceeds to make a down payment on a Kit Kat Chunky of their very own.